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Mickey the pit bull, the dog that “rose to fame” after he mauled 4-year-old Kevin Vicente last February, just became a TV star.

Webcam for Mickey the Pit bull

Recently, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced a webcam has been installed in jail enclosure where Mickey is being kept. Now fans of Mickey, people across the country who rallied against plans to euthanize the pit bull, can watch him 24/7 via the donated webcam.

Website for Mauling Victim

While offers for Mickey rolled in following the attack on Vicente and reports of the dog’s mistreatment, it seems that attention for the mauling victim and his mother slipped from national attention. But now, a local attorney, Jack Wilenchik, and local attorneys have cerated a website for donations to Vicente and his mom. The goal is to use the website to raise enough funds for Vicente’s reconstructive surgery. “We saw him on the news and my wife speaks Spanish and so we contacted his mother,” Wilenchik said. “We met with Kevin’s mother (who does not speak English) and she was willing to let us set up the website. We just really felt there was a need for something like this.” Wilenchik worried that Kevin, the victim in the mauling accident, was being forgotten. “Trying to help Kevin and his mother is about us taking care of each other,” he said. “In some ways the priorities here are just wrong. Grumpy Cat makes millions of dollars and people who truly suffer are left on their own in the dark. I just didn’t think that was right.”

Donations for Mauling Victim

The stated goal for the surgery costs listed on the website is $20,000. As of its first day going public, only a little over $1,000 had been collected. That’s roughly the cost of the installation of Mickey’s webcam.

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