Are Incidents of Dog Bites Increasing?

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Increase in Dog Bites? Or Just Increase in Claims?

Numbers Low

When compared to other forms of claims, these numbers are still relatively low. But when compared to years past, it seems that standard homeowners insurance policies have become stricter regarding dog-inflicted damage. A growing number of insurers are now charging higher premiums for specific dog breeds. Additionally, some insurers are only covering dogs if the owner has taken the dog to behavior classes.

Arizona Dog Bite Law

State laws regarding dog bites vary. In some states, if the dog is not provoked, the owner is always liable, regardless of any other circumstances. In Arizona, there is a strict one bite law enforced, meaning dogs do not get “one free bite.” Owners are thus held strictly liable for any injuries caused by their dogs’ actions. So when a dog causes injuries, the owner and/or person responsible for the dog are legally obligated to pay the victim’s damages unless it has been proven that the victim provoked the attack.
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