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The Rise in Arizona Dog Bites

Over the last five years, the number of Arizonans sent to the hospital for dog bites has more than doubled. The most recent attack of 4-year-old Kevin Vicente by a pit bull named Mickey has prodded the state health department (AZDHS) into taking a closer look into dog-bite statistics.

A Look at Dog Bite Numbers

In Arizona specifically from 2008 to 2012 more than 34,000 residents were sent to ERs as a result of a dog bite. This number does not include certain hospitals such as VA hospitals or the hospitals on Indian land. Within that same five-year span more than 2,300 of those people had to be admitted into the hospital overnight. This is a 139 percent increase in the number of visits that resulted in an overnight stay, which AZDHS director Will Humble views to be a result of more severe dog bites.

The Cost of the Bite

What this five-year increase amounts to is $55 million that the hospitals charged to the victims, with the median cost of a dog bite visit to be $1,150. That median cost increases to about $17,000 if the patient had to be admitted.

Some Communities Saw Higher Numbers

The report done by the AZDHS also reveals that much of the area around central Phoenix and the East Valley had somewhat lower rates of bites that resulted in ER visits. Where higher rates were found in the northern areas of the Valley. There were especially high rates in the far North Valley – areas such as New River/Cave Creek. The lowest rates were found in communities that are popular for the elderly. These areas include Sun City, Sun City West, and Sun Lakes.

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Source: Phoenix News-Times, Number of Arizonans Hospitalized for Dog Bites Has Doubled Over Last Five Years, March 27, 2014

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