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A recent dog bite attack between four pit bulls in Bullhead City left the owner in the hospital and three other people injured.

The Dog Bite Incident

The owner, 66 year-old Jeanne Hardy, neighbors, and brother of the owner were reportedly trying to break up a fight that had broken out between the dogs - a group of pit bulls. The dog who bit the owner was extremely aggressive when the animal welfare officer arrived on the scene to take it in for mandatory quarantine. It not only tried to bite officers, but also almost freed itself from two catch poles. As a result, the officers were forced to use stun guns to place the dog in the kennel. The dog died later on.

Pit Bulls to Blame?

When dog bite accident stories like this emerge, they always seem to be attributed to one breed of dog - the pit bull. But are pit bulls really to blame? You have to not only consider a dog’s breed, but also it’s breeding. According to the ASPCA, the vast majority of pit bulls in the community are a result of random breeding - meaning that two dogs have been mated without any regard given to the behavioral traits that are passed down. Because of this, you cannot just write off a breed - each down is unique and has its own disposition.  Behavior is also the result of an interaction between genetics and environment. So therefore, factors such as housing conditions, as well as a dog’s social interactions play a part in determining a dog’s behavioral development. 

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