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According to officials, a car ran into three pedestrians in Phoenix this past Sunday, seriously injuring two of them. Car Hits and Seriously Injures 3 Pedestrians According to Capt. Rob McDade, a driver hit the three men late Sunday morning near Seventh Street and McDowell Road. The driver stayed at the scene and the three pedestrians were

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We don’t hear about construction accidents all that often, but they still happen frequently, and those involved need to know what kind of legal compensation they might be entitled to if they are injured in one. The Dangers of Construction Work Construction work is a dangerous business, regardless of if it’s a small project for

Two people were killed and 116 injured when a New York-to-Miami bound Amtrak train collided with an empty freight train this past Sunday. It appears the accident might have been caused by a railroad switch that was set in the wrong position. Railroad Switch Causes Death of Two The men died and 116 were injured when

Recently a man was struck and dragged by a golf cart during the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Man Hit and Dragged by Golf Cart This past Tuesday a man had to be transported to a hospital after being struck and dragged for more than 30 feet by a golf cart at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

A Phoenix woman is dead after being hit by a driver that was potentially driving under the influence. Pedestrian Dead Following Potential DUI Accident According to police, a woman was attempting to cross Thomas Road midblock when she was hit by a vehicle. She was taken to a local hospital, where she later died. The police

Failing to stop at a stop sign has been identified as the reason behind a crash involving a bus and a commuter car that occurred on Tuesday night. Failure to Stop Causes Bus Accident According to police, the driver of a commuter car either failed to stop or didn’t stop long enough and caused an

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Arizona police have identified a brother and sister, Fabian and Victoria Avizu as the two people that were killed in a motorcycle accident on Sunday night. Brother and Sister Killed in Motorcycle Accident Fabian, 26, was operating the motorcycle and his 16-year-old sister, Victoria Arvizu was a passenger when they crashed along an especially sharp curve.

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Jewelry and Makeup retailer Claire’s has officially pulled at least nine makeup products off its shelves after it was reported they may be contaminated with asbestos. Claire’s Recalls Makeup After Asbestos Determined Claire’s decision was made after Rhode Island mom, Kristi Warner sent her six-year-old daughter’s new makeup kit for testing over concerns about its ingredients.

You just brought home the cutest, sweetest little puppy. Right now it wants to gnaw on everything – from treats to your fingers. While it might seem cute now – it’s not causing any pain or harm – that puppy will eventually turn into a full-grown dog, and when it does, that cute little “habit”