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Three Arizona Department of Corrections employees were critically injured and four other employees were also hurt in a recent car accident in Buckeye.

The Car Accident

The Arizona Department of Corrections employees were on their way to work when, according to Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves, the DOC van rolled on to its side after being struck by a pickup truck that had run a stop sign.

Three of the workers were said to be in critical or extremely critical conditions. The other four workers injuries were less serious. They were able to be released following treatment. The driver of the pickup was not injured, and according to Graves, there are no indications that she was impaired.

Corrections Director Issues Statement Regarding Car Accident

Charles Ryan, the Arizona Department of Corrections Director issued a statement regarding the employees injured in the accident:

“Shortly after 9 PM Monday night, a Department of Corrections vanpool vehicle transporting seven ADC personnel to their jobs at the Lewis Prison Complex in Buckeye was struck by a civilian vehicle near Highway 85 and Hazen Rd.

The ADC employees were taken to local hospitals.  Four have been discharged; the remaining three will require additional treatment.  I join the entire department in offering our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

In situations such as this, the Department immediately responds with a Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) that offers support to those who have been hurt as well as their families.  A CIRT team was dispatched to the scene of the accident shortly after the incident and will continue to follow-up with those who were injured as well as offer assistance to their loved ones.

On behalf of the Department of Corrections, I want to thank the Buckeye Fire Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety for their rapid response, and for the professional treatment received by the victims of this accident.”

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