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Scottsdale police are investigating a deadly motorcycle accident that killed a 28-year-old man from Phoenix.

The Motorcycle Accident

The crash, which occurred at 6:20 a.m. east of Scottsdale Road involved an SUV and a motorcycle. According to police, the motorcyclist was traveling east on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd when it collided with a Cadillac SUV that was turning left from the westbound lanes into a private driveway. The motorcycle hit the SUV as it made its turn. The motorcycle then continued for about 600 feet before it came to a rest. While the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, he did not survive the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Speed Considered a Factor

According to police,“Speed is considered to be a factor in this collision though no citations have been issued.”

Unfortunately speeding is often to blame for motorcycle accidents, often causing serious head injuries, internal injuries, and in the worst cases, such as this one, death. Speed only adds to the danger of riding a motorcycle, making pot holes, wet or slippery pavement, loose gravel, and other road conditions even more dangerous.

Why Speed?

There seem to be two common reasons why motorcyclists speed. Often they are inexperienced and unable to control their bikes at certain speeds - due to not fully understanding that they might be going too fast. The other main reason is experience drivers who treat their motorcycle as a recreational toy, rather than a potentially dangerous vehicle. But the thrill of breaking the speed limit can often lead to serious injuries or death. It’s crucial if you drive a motorcycle that you follow the posted speed limit - not only for the safety of others on the road, but also for your own safety.
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