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Comparative and Contributory Negligence

Dec 17, 2014

In wrongful death lawsuits, two things come into play: comparative and contributory negligence. These dictate how the responsibility for the accident will be assigned to the parties involved.

The Dangers of Driving at Night

Dec 11, 2014

Driving at night can be dangerous. It’s important you take certain precautions to avoid getting yourself involved in a car accident.

Tracy Morgan May Not Fully Recover From TBI

Dec 10, 2014

Five months following a crash involving a limo bus and a tractor-trailer, it’s still unclear if Tracy Morgan will recover from the TBI he suffered during the collision.

Car Accident Injuries in Phoenix

Dec 08, 2014

Car accidents can cause any number and type of injury. Below we review the various injuries that can occur in any form of car accident, bus accident, or truck accident.

2 Killed When Driver Runs Red Light

Nov 26, 2014

Two people are dead after one driver ran a red light, causing a car accident. Driver Ran Red Light According to police, one car sped through a red light at McQueen and Elliot roads in Gilbert, killing the drivers in both cars.

Ending Distracted Driving: A Mom’s Tale

Nov 24, 2014

Just the day after Thanksgiving in 2007, Kimberly Schlau lost her two oldest daughters in a car accident involving distracted driving - police trooper lost control of his car and crossed a median, slamming into the car Jessica and Kelli Schlau were in.

What Not to Do Following a Car Accident

Nov 21, 2014

A car accident can cause car damage, liability issues, traffic citations, injuries, and in some cases death. Car Accident Statistics According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010 there were 2.

Chain Collision Car Accident

Nov 20, 2014

A flat-bed truck caused a chain collision car accident that left a car on fire and one fatally injured. The Car Accident According to authorities, the flatbed truck rear-ended a vehicle, setting off a four-car chain collision that caused a vehicle to catch on fire, as well as the truck’s load of 10 pallets of brick pavers to be spilled across of the opposite side of the freeway.

Driving Skills for Teens

Nov 11, 2014

Arizona’s Valley schools might have been closed for the day, but teems were still learning driving skills. Teens and Car Accidents The leading cause of death among teems is car accidents.

The Dangers of Side Impact Car Collisions

Nov 10, 2014

Side impact collisions, commonly referred to as “T-bone” or “broadside” car accidents are a common occurrence on national roadways, and can be particularly dangerous because drivers and passengers absorb much of the force of the impact.

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