The Dangers of Side Impact Car Collisions

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Side impact collisions, commonly referred to as “T-bone” or “broadside” car accidents are a common occurrence on national roadways, and can be particularly dangerous because drivers and passengers absorb much of the force of the impact. According to the US Office of Health, Safety, and Security, side-impact car accidents cause over 9,000 deaths annually, second to only head-on car accidents. And those who survive side-impact crashes often are left with serious injuries.

Side Impact Crashes Particularly Dangerous

It’s important to know that side airbags do not come standard in every car and truck. In fact, most vehicles only have “crumple zones” in the front and rear to help absorb an impact.

It’s especially dangerous when a car is hit on its side because simply there is not enough of a buffer between the occupants of the vehicle and the impact. Traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, paralysis, neck, back, and spinal injuries are just a few of the injuries that are associated with side collisions.

Negligence is Often the Cause of Side Impact Collisions

T-bone or broadside collisions are often caused by negligent actions by drivers such as speeding, switching lanes erratically or unexpectedly without the use of turn signals, not following traffic signs, signals, or lights, distracted driving such as texting or calling on a cellphone, and many other unsafe driving tactics. Most side collisions occur at intersections, when another car fails to yield, runs a red light, or crashes into a turning vehicle.

Red Lights

Nationally, over 900 people are killed, and more than 150,000 are injured in car accidents caused by cars running red lights each year.  It’s important to be aware of all traffic lights as you are approaching them. If the light is yellow you are legally obligated to slow down in order to stop at the upcoming red light.

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