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A flat-bed truck caused a chain collision car accident that left a car on fire and one fatally injured.

The Car Accident

According to authorities, the flatbed truck rear-ended a vehicle, setting off a four-car chain collision that caused a vehicle to catch on fire, as well as the truck’s load of 10 pallets of brick pavers to be spilled across of the opposite side of the freeway. According to a witness, the crash occurred as traffic began to brake. “I saw all the cars were braking, all the brake lights coming on, except for the semi,” said motorist Jeff Nelson. “The semi truck wasn’t stopping at all and smashed into the first car, car after car after car after car, just hitting cars, boom, boom, boom.” Nelson then got out of his vehicle, grabbed a fire extinguisher from a nearby big rig that had stopped, and attempted to put out the fire. The driver “grabbed that. I took it up and I and another guy were putting out fires on both sides of the car,” Nelson said.

Field Sobriety Test for Flat-bed Driver

The flat-bed truck’s driver performed a field sobriety test at the scene of the accident scene. He was then taken into handcuffs and taken in the Arizona Department of Public Safety office for further questioning, according to DPS spokesman, Officer Tim Case.

Victims of Car Accident

The driver in the vehicle that caught fire later died at a hospital, while a second person involved in the accident was also critically injured.

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