The Dangers of Driving at Night

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Driving at night can be dangerous. It’s important you take certain precautions to avoid getting yourself involved in a car accident.

More Fatalities at Night

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities that occur on the road are three times greater at night than during the day. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and others while driving at night.

Safety Tips for Driving at Night

Headlights. Make sure your headlights are aimed correctly so as to not blind oncoming traffic.

Dashboard Lights. Dim your dashboard lights as well as instrument lights. Driving with these lights on max can compromise your forward vision.

Wear the correct glasses. Use prescription glasses that have an anti-reflective coating. This can help to keep light from bouncing around inside the lenses, while also allowing more light in.

Learn Retina Spotting. Here’s a trick for when you’re driving down a dark rural road: you can actually see the reflection of your lights in animal’s eyes before you see the animal itself. This can actually keep you from directly hitting that animal. When encountering large animals like deer, slow down as quickly as possible. Often times they will follow the light and move directly in front of you.

Avoid directly looking at lights. If a car coming towards you has its high-beams on, try looking to the reflective road guide to your right. This will keep you on track, while also keeping you from being blinded. If a car behind you has its high-beams on try to adjust your rearview mirror to reflect the light backwards and away from your eyes.

Keep your windshield clean. Clean and adjust all your mirrors prior to heading out on a night drive.

Lastly, keep your eyes healthy and get them checked often. As we age our vision starts to decline. Making sure your vision is good is the first step towards ensuring your safety and others while on the road.

Safe Driving

Following these steps can help prevent a car accident from happening, ensure your safety, as well as the safety of those whom you share the road with.

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