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According to officials, a car crashed into a Phoenix group care home and injured one man. Five residents of the home are in care for treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

The Car Crash

Around 6:45 p.m. the Phoenix Fire Department received a call alleging a car had crashed into a care home near 35th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. When firefighters arrived, they found the car was completely inside the home, and that it had traveled almost 20 to 30 feet, according to department spokesman Ruben Saavedra said. The home houses five residents living with traumatic brain injuries, and two employees. One made had to be transported to a trauma center, but was in stable condition.

Driver Involved in Car Crash

The driver of the vehicle involved in the car crash is being investigated by police. According to initial reports, it seems the driver intentionally crashed into the home. His initial statements were that he had intentionally driven into the house. Bystanders, confused by the incident, figured it might have been a drunk driver who had missed the turn in front of the home.

The Investigation

The investigation is still on-going. Police are trying to identify if drugs and alcohol played a factor. The driver appears to have no connection to the home. Police are looking into criminal charges.

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