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According to Yuma police, an argument between a man and a woman caused a recent three-vehicle car accident.

The Car Accident

According to the police investigation, an SUV, driven by Rhonda Perkins, 41, collided with a car driven by 26-year old Levi Smith in the 5200 block of E. 32nd Street. Perkins’ vehicle then flipped over and collided with a second SUV. According to police, Perkins and her 36-year-old  boyfriend and passenger in the vehicle, Christian Thomas, had just gotten into an argument. While Perkins was driving, Thomas became angry, grabbed the steering wheel, and forced the car into oncoming traffic.

Car Accident Victims

Perkins, Thomas, and Smith sustained injuries that required them to be transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center. Perkins required additional treatment and was flown to a Phoenix trauma center. The occupants of the second SUV involved in the car accident were able to be treated at the scene by firefighters.

Car Accident Attorney

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