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According to authorities, a Chandler police officer was killed in a car accident in Gilbert.

Car Accident

34-year-old Bryant Holmes was killed in a car accident that occurred while he was on his way to work.

“Today was a tragic day for a family, for a community, and for this department when we lost Officer Bryant Holmes,” said Chandler Police Sgt. Joseph Favazzo.

Holmes was a five-year veteran of the police department. He is survived by his wife and their four children.

“It’s never a good feeling when we lose one of our people, and this is just so tragic,” said Sgt. Favazzo. “We’re talking about a very young officer with a young family. He was very dedicated. Five years here at the police department. He’s going to be greatly missed here, greatly missed by his family.”

Details Unknown

Details regarding the car accident were not immediately released, but according to police it occurred at the intersection of Recker Road and Baseline Road. Further investigation is being done.


“This is an officer very energetic, very positive, just a great officer,” said Sgt. Favazzo. “I hear a lot of positive things about him all around from these officers here today. A family man, worked extra duty whenever he could to make extra money to support his family and provide for them.”

Funeral services are being arranged.

“Right now here in Chandler, we are really focusing on working with the family,” said Sgt. Favazzo. “We have an officer with the family who will work very closely with the family, and starting tomorrow we will try to tonight to absorb what has happened.”

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