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Proving negligence in a car accident can be difficult. You’ll need to show that the accident was caused by the person’s thoughtless or careless manner, and that therefore the injuries sustained were a result of those actions.


“Negligence” means a person has behaved in a thoughtless or careless manner. These “negligent” actions can be a number of things, including: running a red light, speeding, failing to yield, failing to stop for a pedestrian, or failing to turn on lights while driving at night. And if a driver is not careful, and they cause can accident, he or she can be liable for injuring the accident victim.

Bringing a Lawsuit for Negligence

If you are bringing a lawsuit against someone you feel caused an accident due to his or her negligence, you’ll need to prove the following:

It was required by law that the defendant be reasonably careful. In the event of a car accident, the law requires a driver to be careful when they are driving. This is called the “duty of reasonable care.”

The defendant was not careful. When a defendant is not careful, this is called a “breach” of the duty of care. The law will determine compare the defendant’s conduct with the conduct of a “reasonable person.” And if a defendant’s actions does not that match that of a reasonable persons then the defendant is alleged to be in violation of the duty of reasonable care.

The defendant’s negligence caused injuries .  Addtionally, you will need to prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the injuries sustained.

Working with an Attorney

If you are trying to prove a person’s negligence caused injury to you or a loved one you’ll need to work with a skilled attorney that has experiencing proving negligence.

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