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On what would have been his 21st birthday, Brandon Ellingson’s gathered to remember him. He was killed by what some are alleging to be a case of wrongful death when he drowned while in police custody.

Brandon Ellingson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It has been six months since Arizona State University student fell off of a boat to his death following an arrest by the Missouri highway water patrol. She was happy to see everyone gathered in remembrance at Tempe Town Lake, but it was also an emotional time for her. She explained just why the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit over Brandon’s death.

“You have all been an incredible support to myself and my family,” she said during the gathering.

Negligent Arrest

She recounted her son’s arrest, and the negligence that led to his death. After being handcuffed by a Missouri highway water patrol officer on suspicion of boating while intoxicated, the officer improperly placed a life jacket over Brandon’s head.“He was underage,” said Ellingson. “He was 20 and a half at the time, so he knew he was going in. He didn’t question it. He got handcuffed, he was ready to go, and the patrol officer did not handle anything right from that point forward.” The officer did not secure the lifejacket before he sped away. “It was propped on his arms. He had no intention of securing him correctly,” said Ellingson. “The GPS said he was going 43 miles per hour."

Allegedly, Brandon fell into the water, his life jacket came off, and he then slipped below the surface of the water, where he died.

Civil Lawsuit

The family filed a civil lawsuit. “I’m not happy. I’m not going to be happy until that man isn’t out in the public anymore who could do this to someone else,” said Ellingson. She will continue to fight for justice for her son’s death.

“He was too good of a soul to be taken early if something good wasn’t going to come of it,” she said.

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