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According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety a car accident occurring on northbound state Route 143 was caused by a wrong way driver. As a result Route 143 was closed from Interstate 10 to University Drive. The freeway was closed for hours as officers investigated the incident.

The Wrong Way Car Accident

At approximately 2 a.m. a green sedan was traveling southbound in the northbound traffic lanes of SR 143. It collided when a maroon sedan at University Drive.

Injuries Caused by the Wrong Way Car Accident

Though the drivers of both vehicles were conscious and able to speak to offices when they arrived on the scene, they both had to be taken to Maricopa Medical Center with serious injuries. Luckily there were no passengers in either vehicle. According to Raul Garcia of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the wrong-way driver has a suspended license for a previous DUI.

Rise in Wrong Way Car Accidents

This is just the latest crash in a recent wave of crashes caused by wrong-way drivers. “We have incidents that have been alcohol- and/or drug-related in the past involving wrong-way drivers,” said Officer Hugh Grant with the Arizona Department of Public Safety. “This particular collision is under investigation right now. We do get wrong-way drivers that are not impaired by the use of alcohol and drugs but do get confused.”

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