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According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, a man from Sweden is dead after a motorcycle accident in Arizona.

The Motorcycle Accident

Deputies were dispatched to an area on Route 66 following the accident in which a 77-year-old motorcyclist failed to stop in time before colliding into a stopped white SUV support vehicle. According to witnesses, the rider locked his brakes in an attempt to swerve around the SUV when he didn’t immediately notice the SUV had stopped in front of him.

Helmet and SUV Driver

The rider was wearing a helmet, but did not survive the impact of the collision and was pronounced dead at the scene. According to authorities the driver of the SUV was not impaired. No charges are expected.

Improving Motorcycle Visibility

On the road, drivers are often used to driving defensively when it comes to cars and trucks. But often times, motorcycles, because they are so small, and because there are less of them on the road, are just not completely on their radar. Because of this, it is critical that if you drive a motorcycle you do everything you can to improve the visibility cars have to you. Being able to grab the attention of automotive drivers can help to lesson the chance of collision. Here are some ways to make your motorcycle more visible:

  • Ride A Brightly Colored Motorcycle
  • Wear High Visibility Safety Gear
  • Use Reflective Tape
  • Stay Out Of Blind Spots
  • Tap Your Brakes - this can draw attention to drivers who have not seen you
  • Use Your High Beams -  do this with caution, and only when you can ensure drivers in the opposite direction will not be blinded by you
  • Add Auxiliary Lights
  • Use Your Horn

Making sure all the cars on the road are aware of you is crucial to creating safe driving conditions. It is also important that you do your best to be completely aware of all the other cars you share the road with.

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