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Coconico County Bans Cell Phone Use

After several years of discussion and work, the Coconino County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution to ban the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle in an attempt to make the roads safer.

New Cell Phone Use Law

The ordinance bans any form of use of a portable communication device while behind the wheel. This means texting and phone calls, but the use of hands-free systems like Siri and Bluetooth are allowed. Additional exemptions include calling for emergency situations or driving on private property. Art Babbott, the County Supervisor for District One says the ban is a “reasonable approach to making roads safer.”

Arizona State’s Inaction Relating to Cell Phone Use

Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports that county officials say the passing of the ordinance is the county’s response to inaction by the state when it comes to driving laws. “After giving the state of Arizona 20-plus tries to do something, we felt like it was important that we help lead that discussion since the state was unwilling to do that. Arizona is one of a handful of states that have not taken any reasonable common-sense measures to make our roadways just a little bit more safe,” Babbott says.

The passed county ordinance does not apply to tribal land, but the Navajo Nation has already enacted a similar resolution. While city officials in Coconino County are required to respond to the ordinance, it’s still up to them to decide if they will adopt the ban, alter the wording, or reject it.

AZ Public Safety Report

This measure was ratified after a recently released Arizona Department of Public Safety report found distracted driving (mostly due to outside the car distractions, but also due to cell phone use) to be a leading factor in crashes on highways.

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Source: KNAU and Arizona News, Coconico County Supervisors Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving, April 24, 2014

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