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Deadly Rollover Crash Arrest

Marcos Antonio Payan, 29, driver of a Ford Freestyle SUV has been arrested. According to court documents, he is facing a charge of reckless manslaughter as the result of a rollover crash that killed a passenger riding in his vehicle.

The Rollover Accident Arrest

According to police, Payan was speeding at the time of the accident. Payan was driving westbound in the curb lane on Baseline Road when he attempted to get through the intersection of Baseline Road and 24th Street before the light turned red. According to investigators, Payan lost control of the vehicle after driving through a dip located in the roadway at the intersection. The vehicle crossed over a raised median that separates the east and westbound traffic. It then began to roll. After rolling it hit a raised curb where it then continued to roll through a landscaped area, finally stopping once it collided with two trees.

Injuries and Fatality Resulting from Rollover Crash

Payan’s cousin, 31-year-old Leonardo Carrizoza, was sitting in the front seat of the SUV. He was not wearing his seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. Payan had minor injuries.

According to Rollover Crash Driver

Payan admitted to police he was the driver and that he knew the vehicle’s front shocks needed repair. He additionally admitted he regularly uses marijuana, but was not impaired at the time of the crash. Though he told police he accelerated from 50 mph to approximately 60 mph as he approached the intersection, the vehicle’s event data recorder showed speeds in excess of 80 mph with a top speed of 102 mph. Physical tire evidence at the scene was consistent with speeds of 80 mph. According to court documents

Payan driver’s license has been suspended for the last seven to eight years. Payan admitted to knowing his license has been suspended.

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Source: AZ Family, Driver arrested after deadly rollover crash, May 8, 2014

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