18-Year-Old Aspiring Singer Killed in Car Crash

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In early March, aspiring 18-year-old singer Keli May Rutledge died as the result of injuries sustained during a car crash. According to police, the driver of the other vehicle, Emilio Deleon, may have been impaired.

18-Year-Old Aspiring Singer Killed in Car Crash

An aspiring singer, Keli May Rutledge had just won the annual Proof in the Pudding contest sponsored by the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation.

The crash that claimed her life occurred on March 4 at 9:16 am. She was taken to Chandler Regional Medical Center, where she died at 10:35 p.m from injuries sustained during the crash.

According to Lt. Hugh White, “Investigation into impairment is still pending analysis of the evidence and full investigation of the circumstances. “There is evidence to believe impairment may be a factor on the part of Deleon.”

Friends and fans have since reacted to the young singer’s death.

Randy Spencer oversees the Proof is in the Pudding contest. He posted a YouTube clip of Rutledge performing the Tori Kelly song “All in My Head,” writing: “The first time I heard Keli Rutledge sing I was stunned by her gift and talent. Everyone around me at Solid Rock was overwhelmingly impressed by her God-given ability to sing. She was humble, kind, filled with a love for others, had a great, unique laugh and she shined Jesus’ love to others. I will greatly miss her and I’m thankful to have known her for a wonderful, brief season.”

Kyle Lenore from Banana Gun wrote, “I just had the privilege a couple weeks ago meeting this lovely talent! I was able to catch her set before we played the Roger Clyne show at Yucca and she was tremendous. She was so excited for the possibilities of putting a band together to further the sound of her music, beautiful soul. So sad, I’m very sorry for this loss.”

Taylor Sackson is a vocal coach at School of Rock AZ East Valley. She described Rutledge as having:

“the voice of an angel and a soul of one too. The first time I heard Rutledge sing was at the Proof is in the Pudding finals, where she definitely won my ballot. I was blown away by her performance, ​an awe-inspiring version of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and a heartfelt original, ‘I’m Still Singing.’

… She had big dreams and a voice that made me think she just might pull it off when she told me, ‘My goal is to sign with Sony/ATV Music Publishing or Capitol Records because I really love the quality of musicians that they have, especially Sony/ATV. That’s obviously a very far-fetched goal but I think it could be possible by the end of 2016 if I just keep doing what I’m doing and keep working at it and refusing to give up.’”

Even Sheryl Gail Cooper, Alice Cooper’s wife, had words to add about Rutledge: “Keli was a young woman of great faith. She may have not known what her future held, but she knew Who held her future. Her beautiful voice and vibrant presence will be truly missed.”

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Note: Wrongful death laws vary from state to state

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