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Just like regular drivers, there are great truck drivers and terrible once. But it’s interesting to know that statistics show that over 72% of accidents that involve trucks are the fault of the other vehicle. There are safety tips that you should know when sharing the road with big-rigs.

Safe Driving Around Big-rig Trucks

Here are some safety tips for driving around trucks :

  • Avoid the truck’s blind spots - there are numerous ones on a big rig.
  • Tire blowouts happen a lot - and when they happen, chances are the truck will begin swerving. Try to keep your distance at all times.
  • To properly pass a large truck, pass as quickly as possible (on the left side, when possible) and hug the outside part of the lane.
  • Give truckers as much room as possible - this will help them be able to see you better.
  • Trucks make wide turns, so make sure you are not in a place where they can collide with you - such as the right side when the truck is turning right.

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