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At least four people were killed in a truck accident involving a bus near the California-Arizona border. When a semitruck jackknifed on Interstate 10 it caused a bus to overturn. According to California Highway patrol officials, the accident occurred at a border inspection station east of Blythe, California. The low-cost bus bus is owned by El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express Inc. and was en route from El Paso to Los Angeles via Phoenix.

Victims of Truck Accident

Four passengers on the bus were killed. At least 24 other people were transported to hospitals either by ambulance or helicopter.

Truck Accident Triggered Other Accidents

When the truck hit the median strip it spilled a load of pipes. The falling pipes triggered additional accidents on both sides of the interstate. One of these accidents was the bus overturning. At least two other vehicles were involved. A California transportation official says the pipes either hit the fully loaded bus, or caused the bus to swerve to avoid them. The bus then overturned and tumbled 40 to 50 feet down an embankment, landing on its side.

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