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2 Killed When Driver Runs Red Light

Nov 26, 2014

Two people are dead after one driver ran a red light, causing a car accident. Driver Ran Red Light According to police, one car sped through a red light at McQueen and Elliot roads in Gilbert, killing the drivers in both cars.

Ending Distracted Driving: A Mom’s Tale

Nov 24, 2014

Just the day after Thanksgiving in 2007, Kimberly Schlau lost her two oldest daughters in a car accident involving distracted driving - police trooper lost control of his car and crossed a median, slamming into the car Jessica and Kelli Schlau were in.

Driving Skills for Teens

Nov 11, 2014

Arizona’s Valley schools might have been closed for the day, but teems were still learning driving skills. Teens and Car Accidents The leading cause of death among teems is car accidents.

Texting and Driving

Nov 06, 2014

Everyone knows that texting and driving is not safe and can lead to car accidents. But a new survey shows that people still do it anyway.

Woman in Critical Condition After Pedestrian Accident

Nov 03, 2014

A 56-year-old woman is in extremely critical condition being hit in a pedestrian accident. The Pedestrian Accident According to a police spokesman, the woman was struck when she crossed 35th Avenue, a street in northwest Phoenix, in an attempt to get to a bus.

Have a Safe Halloween!

Oct 31, 2014

Drivers Be especially cautious if you are driving during peak trick-or-treating hours. This falls between 4 and 9 p.m. Practice extra caution around driveways.

Arizona Ruled Dangerous for Pedestrians

May 23, 2014

Arizona has a lot of commuters who rely on their feet instead of their cars. But a recently released study shows that not only the state of Arizona but also its largest metro area, can be a dangerous place for pedestrians and have a higher number of pedestrian accidents.

Cell Phones Banned for Young Arizona Drivers

May 02, 2014

Cell Phones Banned for Young Arizona Drivers The Arizona House Senate has once again voted to put a ban on cell phones used by teen drivers during the first six months that they have their license as well as drivers who only have their learner’s permit.

Targeting Distracted Driving

May 01, 2014

Targeting Distracted Driving A week ago, a Coconino Community College student was running late to class and decided to save time by putting on her makeup in her car while driving.

Alarming Study Results for Arizona Distracted Driving

Apr 21, 2014

Alarming Study Results for Arizona Distracted Driving The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) is increasing their crack down on distracted driving after a recently released study that took place between November 2013 and April 1, 2014 revealed some alarming statistics.

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