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Casino Tour Bus Accident Caused Injuries When Bus Crashed

While buses are a fairly safe mode of transportation when compared with cars and motorcycles, dozens of people are still injured in bus accidents every year.

Ten people were injured when a tour bus headed to an Indian casino in San Diego careened off the road and crashed into trees and boulders.

The 50-year-old driver and nine of the 18 passengers aboard the bus were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. The most severe injury appeared to be a cut to the head.

The bus was traveling from Los Angeles to Casino Pauma, about 25 miles southeast of Temecula. The driver alleged the 1996 bus suffered brake failure and that he was unable to stop as it entered a curve, smashing first into a guardrail and then into trees and boulders alongside the road.

While the incident remains under investigation, drugs and alcohol do not appear to have been involved.

The crash is the second involving a tour bus headed to an Indian casino in Southern California within a ten day period.

More than 50 people were injured in a previous accident when a bus overturned when it was heading to the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino. According to authorities, the bus driver made an unsafe lane change and sideswiped a car before crashing. The bus driver in that accident was properly licensed and was not charged.

Several factors may cause or contribute to a bus accident

To help determine liability (fault) in a bus accident, initial investigation is needed. There are several potential factors that may cause or contribute to a bus accident, such as: fatigued bus drivers, drivers who have not been adequately trained or properly screened for employment, drivers under the influence of intoxicants, buses that are overloaded or improperly loaded, and buses and equipment that is poorly or improperly maintained.

After any kind of vehicle accident, the first step you should take is to get any medical attention you may need.  Later on you can use the medical records and bills to document and support any injury claim you decide to make. The specific procedural rules to making a claim will depend on the state where you live, and in some cases, on the municipality, as well as the specifics of the accident.

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