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Everyone involved was injured in a recent bus accident caused by a woman who fell asleep while driving her car. Her car sideswiped a school bus, causing the bus to roll over, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. But according to a DPS spokesperson, the injuries could have been more severe, and potentially fatal, had the school-bus driver not taken evasive action during the collision.

The Bus Accident

A Wickenburg School District bus was heading west on U.S. 60, when the driver Yanping Weng, 24, driving in the opposite direction, fell asleep at the wheel of her car.  Weng, was driving her father, Derong Weng, 51, and mother, Xiu Wang, 49,when she crossed the roadway and crashed into the school bus that was carrying three kids, ages 8, 10 and 11, and a driver, in his 50’s. Carrick Cook, spokesperson for DPS, said everyone involved in the bus accident suffered injuries.

Reported Injuries in Bus Accident

Weng and her mother were transported to a Valley trauma center with serious injuries, Cook said. Weng’s father was transported to a Wickenburg hospital with minor injuries. The 8-year-old on the bus was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital and is expected to be released. The other two children on the bus are doing well, only suffering minor injuries.

The Bus Driver Saved Lives

The bus driver suffered only minor injuries. Police would not identify him, but said he deserves credit for protecting the children. “The bus driver kept his cowboy hat on during the rollover,” Cook said. “[The bus driver] definitely saved lives due to his attempt to avoid the [rollover] crash.”

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