Kid Injured By Babysitter. Can You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Recently, a baby sitter was accused of breaking a 3-year-old’s arm after he wet his pants. Would this case qualify for a personal injury lawsuit?

Kid Injured By Babysitter. Can You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Babysitter, 21-year-old Haillee Howell was recently arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse after allegedly breaking a 3-year-old’s arm.

According to the arrest report, Howell was watching the 3-year-old and his brothers, ages 7 and 8. When the mother returned to pick up the three kids, Howell told the mother the child had “wet his pants.” According to the mother, the 3-year-old started crying in the car and began complaining that his arm hurt. She took him to the hospital where X-rays revealed he had two bones broken in his wrist.

Howell denied abusing the boy.

While the babysitter has been charged with aggravated child abuse, this could also classify as a personal injury lawsuit due to the fact that intential harm was caused.

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