Arizona Defines Motorized Quadricycles as Limos

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Arizona Defines Motorized Quadricycles as Limos

House transit committee chairperson Rep Karen Fann has introduced an amendment to SB1201 that defines and creates regulations for commercial multiple-person, pedaled, motor-assisted quadricycles.  The quadricycles come with least four wheels, 16 to 28 pedals, and can be operated by both leg and electric power. These quadricycles are often referred to as “party busses” where riders are able to drink while pedaling around while the driver, presumably remains sober.

Quadricycles Undefined But Now Might Be Defined as Limos

The bill SB1201 previously defined an Autocycle as essentially an enclosed 3-wheeled motorcycle, but as Fann points out these quadricycle devices are completely un-defined in Arizona law. “They are not classified as a vehicle,” she said. “It’s not a motorcycle, it’s not a bicycle. It’s a new kind of vehicle.” SB 1201, given preliminary House approval, classifies the vehicle as a limousine. Which means they would have to be built by a licensed manufacturer as well as operated by someone qualified to drive a limo.

Drinking Just an Aspect

These party-bike type services run Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff and serve as an alternative to walking from one pub to another. But Robert Mayer, president of Tucson-based Pedal Crawler LLC, said his vehicles, like limos, are rented out by people who want to treat themselves and their guests to an unusual way of getting around and the ability to bring along your own beer while doing that is part of the experience.

Quadricycles Follow Same Rules as Limos

“Limousines have to go through certain regulations that have to do with insurance, requirements as to who the driver is, things like that,” says Fann. “If they are classified as a limousine, they have to follow the same rules to make sure that all of these passengers are safe and the vehicle’s being maintained safely.”

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Source: Arizona Bike Law, Arizona Legislature considers defining motorized quadricycles, April 13, 2014

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