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In 2011 Skyline High School Wynnona Brooks was struck and pinned under a school bus while walking across a cross walk. She has just received a settlement from Mesa Public Schools.

Settlement for Crosswalk Accident

Per a confidentiality agreement, neither the school district nor Brooks’ attorney Mack Jones were permitted to share the amount of the settlement. But district officials said they had paid a $100,000 deductible from the district’s insurance fund to settle the suit. The remainder of the money was paid by the Arizona Risk Retention Trust, Mesa schools’ insurance carrier, paid the remainder of the money.

The Crosswalk Accident

Brooks was 18 at the time of the crosswalk accident. She suffered a dislocated hip, a severe sprain to a joint in her upper back, puncture wounds to the back as well as other injuries. She had to graduate a year late due to the recovery time needed for her injuries. Brooks also had time adjusting to her return to school because other students mistakenly blamed her for causing the accident. According to Jones, she also “was written up for dress-code violations that were medically necessary.” According to Jones, Brooks is satisfied with the settlement and is doing well.

“She did very well given what happened to her,” he said. “She made a very good recovery.”

Brooks plans to attend community college to pursue a career in nursing.

Bus Driver

The driver of the bus, Kenneth Bischof, was fired by Mesa schools in January 2012. He received a civil citation for failure to yield.

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