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According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, a fatal rollover car accident shut down both directions of U.S. Highway 93 in Wickenburg this morning around 5 a.m.

The Rollover Car Accident

Chief Pete Wingert said the driver involved in the car accident was trapped inside the vehicle. The driver died at the scene. There were no other occupants in the car. The cause of the car accident is still under investigation.

Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover car accidents are more likely to cause fatalities than any other form of car accident. In 2010 more than 7,600 people died in car accidents that were rollovers. And 69% of those involved were not wearing safety belts.


And about 95% of those rollover car accidents are caused by a car “tripping.” This means that the car leaves the highway and slides sideways, which causes the tires to dig into any soft soil or dirt along the side of the highway. A car can also strike a curb or guardrail. This “tripping” motion can cause the car to roll over.  “Un-tripped” rollovers make up less than 5% of the time in rollover accidents. These rollovers are mostly due to top-heavy vehicles that try to avoid collisions via avoidance maneuvers.

Manufacturer Defaults

Additionally, defaults in the car or tire manufacturing can cause cars to rollover. A company has a responsibility to create a safe product when used properly.  Tire failure, defects in tire tread, poor stability design, poorly designed suspension systems, and inadequate braking systems are some of the defects that can cause rollover accidents. Additionally, roof supports, seat backs, seat belts, buckles, head restraint devices, and windshield glass are closely investigated when a rollover crash occurs, as they can play a factor in if a person survives or not. If you feel your rollover car accident was caused by a default in the car you were driving in, you should immediately contact a car accident attorney. They will ensure a thorough investigation is done, while also help you build a case should you need to go to court.

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