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Arizona resident Andrew Mack has sued a Las Vegas police officer following a rear-ending car accident.

The Car Accident Charges

Andrew Mack, 41, filed his lawsuit against officer Stephen Ouellett, 53, and the Metropolitan Police Department that alleges negligence and a civil rights violation, and that the defendants and their officers “tolerate and ratify the practice of leaving their jurisdiction during working hours using public equipment for various unknown reasons” and of “using electronic equipment, including phones and computers, while operating a motor vehicle.”

Mack’s vehicle was one of several that had been stopped on Bullhead Parkway while police investigated a previous accident involving a burro. It was then that Ouellett’s marked patrol vehicle struck the rear of Mack’s pickup truck. Ouellett told Bullhead City police he did not have time to stop after he noticed traffic had stalled in front of him.

While Metro officers assigned to the border community regularly travel into Arizona, according to Melvin Grimes, the attorney representing Mack, it’s unclear why Ouellet was even around Bullhead City, where the accident occurred, because Ouellett is assigned to Laughlin.

“We’re not claiming he was doing anything nefarious by being over there,” Mack said.


According to records, the Bullhead City police cited Ouellett, 53, for speeding following the collision. And according to a spokeswoman from the Bullhead City Municipal Court the case was dismissed after Ouellett completed defensive driving school.

Attorney Craig Anderson, who represents the defendants in the case, declined to comment on whether Ouellett has been disciplined by the Metro department he is employed by.

“That information’s not in my possession yet,” Anderson said.


Mack is claiming personal injuries to his shoulders, back and neck, and about $20,000 in property damage.

According to the documents filed in court, Mack’s daughter has spina bifida and regularly traveled with her father to Phoenix for medical treatment. Because Mack’s pickup truck has not been able to be repaired, his daughter and her mother have had to move in with extended family in Ohio to be bale to continue treatment. The lawsuit also seeks $100,000 for loss of consortium.

According to Anderson, the Metro Police Department made a “good faith attempt” to settle the “garden-variety car accident,” but Mack refused the offer.

“Metro believes that this lawsuit as drafted is over-reaching, and therefore it will be filing a motion to dismiss the vast majority of the complaint within the next couple of days,” Anderson said.

Grimes insisted the police department have never made a settlement offer. According to Grimes, Mack, who is a ground superintendent for the Laughlin Ranch Golf Club, “is not looking to get rich off of this.”

“Once you force us to litigate, I’m going to litigate every claim possible, and that’s what I’ve done,” the lawyer said.

The case has been moved to federal court.

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