The Unforseen Dangers of Summer Camp

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In Arizona, an accident or injury that occurs on someone’s property is known as a “premises liability” injury. These slip and fall accidents often occur because of a dangerous condition on someone’s property.

Owners of these properties have a duty to protect anyone on their property from injuries that result from an accident caused by a hazardous condition that an owner should have been aware of. When an owner of a property fails to adequately protect visitors to the property through ill maintenance or hazards, they can be held legally accountable.

Unsafe Buildings and Cabin

The camp has a duty to provide safe common areas so your child can enjoy the campgrounds and cabins without fear of an accident or injury. If your child suffers an injury or accident because of the camp owner’s carelessness resulted, the camp owner may be guilty of negligence. You may be eligible for compensation for your child’s injuries under the law. This category of premises liability cases also includes accidents or incidents that occur in buildings, on sidewalks, or in other types of structures. These types of cases are covered under slips and falls caused by dangerous conditions.

What to Do

You will first need to determine who owns the building or structure on the campsite where the accident and subsequent injury took place. This is the first step that will need to be addressed immediately, because in some instances a claim must be filed within a very short time. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you with this even if the child is in the hospital or recuperating at home. You will want to move on this quickly because quite often the condition which caused the accident is changed or repaired shortly after the incident takes place. A personal injury attorney will visit the scene as soon as possible in order to gather crucial evidence, interview witnesses, etc. It’s necessary that an investigator sees the area with as much of the original condition intact as possible.

Types of Cases We Handle

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