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A Phoenix school bus carrying 30 junior high students lost its rear axle, causing the wheels to fall off completely.

The wheels on the bus don’t go ‘round and ‘round…

The Washington Elementary School District bus was at Seventh Street and Greenway Parkway when the rear axle broke and the rear wheels fell off. A spokeswoman for the district, Carol Donaldson, said paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after to check on the students. They determined there were no injuries. Parents were immediately alerted and asked to retrieve their students from the accident.

It’s unsure why the axle broke free from the bus. Donaldson said mechanics from the district’s transportation department will be investigating the cause of the accident.

Bus Accidents

School bus accidents can be particularly devastating due to the number of passengers and the fact that most buses are not equipped with, and do not require riders, to wear seat belts. Because of this, in the case of school buses, younger passengers also feel they are able to freely move around the cabin of the bus to socialize.

Bus Accident Causes

The reasons for school bus accidents are many. They include bad weather conditions and dangerous roadways, and in this case, perhaps outdated, or maybe even defective products and improper maintenance. Only a solid investigation will be able to identify the reason for this accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bus accident, you should immediately contact a bus accident attorney that can help lead a thorough investigation into the reason behind the accident. They will also be able to build a case that will help cover the cost of any medical procedures and care or lost wages due to time in recovery.

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