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Pedestrian Killed in Failure to Yield Accident

Police have identified the male pedestrian who was killed after a crash sent a car spinning into him as 37-year-old Cameron Matthew Hall. A car heading westbound on Greenway Road was hit by another vehicle heading eastbound that failed to yield.

The crash, occurring in the intersection of 29th Street and Greenway, caused vehicle heading eastbound to spin out of control, hitting a male pedestrian standing on the sidewalk. He was waiting to cross the street. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators think he may have been pinned between the car and a light pole.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time in Pedestrian accident

“Wrong place, wrong time,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Steve Martos. “Unfortunately, this particular pedestrian didn’t do anything wrong. He was standing on the corner‚Ķpresumably waiting for the light to turn so that he could cross the roadway, however, this collision occurred in the intersection, causing one of the vehicles to strike him and again sustaining fatal wounds here on scene.”

Drivers Suffered Minor Injuries in Pedestrian Accident

Police report the people in the vehicles involved in the crash suffered only minor injuries. No one had to be transported to area hospitals.

Impairment Not a Factor in Accident

Officers have ruled out impairment as a factor in the collision.

Common causes of wrongful death include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. The victim’s family in a case like this one has a right to know if the negligence of others may have contributed to the unfortunate passing of their loved one. Consultation with an experienced automobile accident attorney is the best course of action.

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