Clinic Responsible for Joan Rivers’ Death Loses Accreditation

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According to the Centers for Medicare Services, on January 31, the clinic that performed the medical procedure that cost Joan Rivers her life will be losing its accreditation.

Yorkville Endoscopy

“Yorkville Endoscopy no longer meets the conditions for a supplier of ambulatory surgical center services,” said the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS). At the end of the month the Manhattan medical facility will be deemed no longer eligible to receive federal funds for services provided to beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid.

Fatal Complications

Rivers passed away on Sept. 4 a week after undergoing an endoscopy procedure. The comedienne was 81. An investigation by the city’s medical examiner found the host of E!’s “Fashion Police” suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen when she stopped breathing during the procedure that had been performed a week earlier.

“We intend to communicate with CMS and appropriate authorities to have the decision reversed. Yorkville continues to be a licensed facility and perform procedures while cooperating with the regulatory process,” according to a statement released by the clinic.

Though the clinic presented a plan to correct problems revealed during the investigation of Rivers’ death, CMS has announced that Yorkville remains deficient in four areas, including “surgical services; quality assessment and performance improvement; governing body and management; and environment.”


No negligence was filed in the federal report, but Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, has hired a prominent malpractice attorney to take up the investigation. Rivers’ death was officially classified as a therapeutic complication.

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