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Bus accidents often result in personal injury cases. There are various ways that you can be injured in such type of case – either as a passenger or fellow motorist through driver negligence, or through bus malfunction. A skilled attorney will help you build your case regardless of what type of involvement you have.

Lawsuit Against Bus Company

Often times, because the driver of the bus is an employee of the bus company, the lawsuit is filed against the company, rather than the driver. This is because bus companies are responsible for training and screening of their employees, as well as maintenance of the bus, and safety of their passengers. There are also various types of buses that can be included in these cases, including: school buses, municipal transit buses, and private buses.

Serious Injuries

Serious injuries are often the result of a bus accident. Since many buses are not equipped with seatbelts, their passengers are left unrestrained. In an accident this can lead whiplash, head injuries, soft tissue injuries, broken bones, or a combination of all these. When a bus comes into contact with a pedestrian or passenger car, there are numerous injuries that can result, simply because a bus is so much larger than a car or human body. In cases such as these, the victim is entitled to compensation for injuries and life changes sustained as a result of that accident.

Finding an Attorney

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you need an attorney who is well versed in bus accident law. There are many ins and outs of determining liability and building a case – a lawyer is your best bet in navigating such things.

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