Arizona Testing Thermal Cameras to Catch Wrong-Way Drivers

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Since 2013, the number of Americans killed each year in wrong-way crashes has increased more than 38 percent. Arizona is looking into a new way to combat those incidents: thermal cameras.

Arizona Testing Thermal Cameras to Catch Wrong-Way Drivers

Wrong-way accidents are 50 times more likely to be deadly compared to all vehicle crashes. Arizona is investing in high-tech solution that will instantly alert police and drivers when someone is driving the wrong way. As part of a $4 million pilot project, the state will be testing thermal cameras posted at off-ramps along a 15-mile stretch of Interstate 17. The cameras should be able to spot a wrong-way driver as soon as they enter the area.

Once the alarm is triggered at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) operations center, it will alert police to the driver’s location. Additionally, electronic signs along the highway warn “wrong-way driver ahead, exit freeway.”

According to Col. Frank Milstead, who oversees Arizona’s highway patrol, it’s not just a wrong-way problem - it’s an impairment problem. He gets a call for at least one wrong-way driver every shift.  “Sixty-five percent of the all those people that we stop and arrest for going the wrong way are impaired. It’s not a highway problem. It’s an impairment problem,” Milstead said.

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