Wrongful Deaths and Truck Accidents in Arizona

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Truck accidents often caused by negligence

Despite the fact that trucks can weigh up 80,000 pounds have trailers up to 53 feet long, with some combination trailers reaching up to 65 feet long, they are often operated and managed negligently.

Every year there are thousands of wrongful deaths accidents involving trucks. A death caused by another person’s negligence is classified as a “wrongful death.” The family of a wrongful death victim can legally hold the at-fault party accountable in civil court. Families of victims should be able to pursue legal action in order to identify their rights over whoever is to be held responsible for the accident.

Proving fault in truck accidents can be a difficult process

Proving fault in an Arizona accident involving a truck can be a difficult process because there are multiple parties that can be found liable. Depending on what specific factors led to the crash, fault could be assigned to the driver of the big rig, to the trucking company or even to the manufacturer of the truck.

Arizona has additional laws other than standard traffic laws that big rig drivers must obey, which are in place to keep all drivers safe. The laws are in place to ensure that truckers maintain a safe amount of weight in their cargo loads, that they travel at safe speeds, and that their trucks are well maintained.

Additionally, these laws provide a basis for legal claims against any truck driver who drives negligently or causes an accident and resultant injuries. Being informed about your own rights as a driver on the road shared with big rigs will allow you to assist in your own case to ensure you will be granted a fair settlement. When you have the right knowledge about the law and how it is meant to work for you, you will be able to stand up for yourself and stand up for your rights.

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