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Police searching for driver of truck in fatal hit and run

Police continue to search for a suspect involved in a fatal hit and run that occurred on Tucson’s west side.

According to a Tucson Police, Antonia Calamia, 24, was hit by a vehicle while she was walking with north with traffic along N. Greasewood Road south of West Speedway Boulevard.

According to a witness Calamia was struck by a speeding pick-up truck. She was immediately taken to a local hospital and later passed away as a result of her injuries.

A witness reported to police that he saw a vehicle approach from behind him at a high rate of speed. The witness then moved into the southbound lanes to avoid being hit by the truck.  The speeding vehicle moved into the easement area to get around. According to witness reports, that was when it struck Calamia.  The vehicle continued on after it stuck the victim, heading northbound on Greasewood. It was last seen making an eastbound turn onto Speedway.

Driver of truck in fatal accident has damage to headlight and front grill

Police report a broken headlight cover recovered from the scene belongs to either a 2003 or 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. The vehicle involved in the hit and run is described as being red or burgundy colored with possible damage to the passenger side headlight and the front grill. The investigation is still ongoing.

PCC Chancellor Lee Lambert sent this letter to staff Thursday afternoon:

“It is with sadness that I inform you of the passing of one of our former students late last night in an apparent hit-and-run accident.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding a vehicle fitting this description to call 911 or 88-CRIME.

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