Boy Who Lost Leg in Trash Truck Accident Gets $18.5 Million Settlement

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Boy has bright future after 18.5 million truck settlement

A young boy who lost a leg after being run over by a city trash truck in November 2011, says he’s looking forward to a bright future.

Luke Acuna was only nine when he fell under a city trash truck and was crushed by the undercarriage. He was riding a skateboard when the truck hit him. His left leg was amputated, and he suffered internal injuries and broken bones. The Acuna’s attorney alleged the driver of the garbage truck made a dangerous and illegal turn that caused the accident.

City council’s settlement for $18.5 in truck accident gives boy second chance

The Acuna family says it’s been an extremely difficult past two years. The city council’s decision to pass an $18.5 million settlement is an answered prayer for the family, since Anthony Acuna, Luke’s father has not been able to work while taking care of his son full time. He says the settlement money is exactly what they need to get Luke the help he needs; a much needed home for the amputee that can accommodates his wheelchair, and a retrofitted car that will allow the fifth grader to be self-sufficient.

“And I’m just thankful that the city council took the initiative to make a wrong right. They are going to get a good citizen out of Luke,” his father said. He continued, “The money is going to make a better future and that’s what me and my wife want.”

“I think Luke should have died that day, but because he did not he’s going to be going to change the universe in ways we do not believe,” added Anthony.

With intense rehabilitation and persistence, Luke proved his will was stronger than his body.

“Well, it’s not the end of the world. They can get better and will get better,” said Luke.

Luke says he has high hopes for his future. His next goal is to perform a backflip in his wheelchair for ESPN.

This settlement ends all legal claims against the city as well as the driver of the truck.

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