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Suspect Identified in Hit-and-Run Accident

Sep 24, 2014

According to Pinal County authorities, a suspect and vehicle have been identified in the hit-and-run accident that killed a skateboarder over the weekend.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Destroy Lives

May 14, 2014

Victims of traumatic brain injuries more likely to become mentally ill and die prematurely Scientist have found that people involved in accidents in which they sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that permanently alter their brains can make the victims more likely to become mentally ill and die prematurely.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Causes and Effects

Jan 24, 2014

Causes of TBI are diverse, and include car accident, firearms, and falls Approximately 1.5 million people a year in the U.

Brain Injuries and Football

Jan 07, 2014

Safety questions about brain injuries and high school football Recent media reports of brain injuries occurring in football games and practices have become all too numerous.

High school student dies after head injury in football game

Dec 18, 2013

Head injury from football game results in death High school footballer Charles Youvella, of Hopi High School in Kearns Canyon, on the Hopi Indian Reservation in north-eastern Arizona, sustained a fatal head injury during a recent game.

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