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Pedestrian Safety in Tucson!

“Look twice, Tucson,” is the new message for anyone crossing streets in cars, bikes, or just their shoes.

Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, along with fellow city official and community partners, recently unveiled this simple message for new a pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign. The campaign will include new solar-powered lighted street signs that will draw attention of passing motorists to areas that have lots of foot and pedal-powered traffic, as well as a series of bus-stop advertisements and a safety kit giveaway.

Allstate Insurance Involved Too

Tucson officials have teamed up with Allstate Insurance to sponsor and create an ad campaign, “Tucson on 2,” bike and pedestrian safety campaign that is focused on saving lives through targeted education, awareness, and enforcement.

Allstate, in collaboration with Tucson traffic authorities, has worked to identify locations throughout the city where the design and installation of the sign will have the most impact in promoting bike and pedestrian safety.

2013 Saw a Large Number of Pedestrian Deaths

2013 was one of the worst years on record for the number of pedestrians killed by vehicles in the Tucson area.

Officials have confirmed that drugs and alcohol played a part in some of the fatal incidents. In 2013, eight pedestrians involved in fatal accidents between January and October were intoxicated, said Tucson police Lt. Richard Anemone.

Campaign Targets Everyone

The campaign does not just solely target motorists, but rather everyone. The mayor said the responsibility of looking twice when entering an intersection rests with everyone.

“If we do that, we will see the bike, we will see the pedestrian, we will see the car and we will avoid a tragic collision,” Rothschild said.

The first series of street signs were put up on 22nd Street in Santa Rita Park - a location close to where several serious pedestrian accidents have taken place.

“Look twice, Tucson, is the message we want every Tucsonan, of all ages, to get,” said the Mayor. “These three words can help lead the way toward zero cyclist and pedestrian fatalities in our community.”

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