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Motorcycles, TBIs, Helmets, and Working with an Attorney

May 18, 2015

<p> According to Phoenix police, the 60-year-old driver of the car turned left in front of the motorcyclist who had been traveling in the opposite direction.

Motorcyclist Killed in Car Accident

Mar 04, 2015

A motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene following an accident that involved a bike and two vehicles. The Accident According to Arizona police, the motorcycle was traveling north when it hit an eastbound van.

Proving Negligence

Feb 05, 2015

Proving negligence in a car accident can be difficult. You’ll need to show that the accident was caused by the person’s thoughtless or careless manner, and that therefore the injuries sustained were a result of those actions.

Woman Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Jan 21, 2015

According to Scottsdale police, a 23-year-old woman was killed when she ran into stalled traffic on her motorcycle. Speeding on Motorcycle According to Officer Kevin Watts, a Scottsdale police spokesman, the woman was speeding on her motorcycle when she failed to stop for stalled traffic .

Whiplash from Car Accidents

Jan 06, 2015

“Whiplash” is used to describe a range of neck injuries. It’s used most commonly in rear-end car accidents, but can result from other incidents.

Do Helmet’s Cause Crashes?

Jan 05, 2015

We all know that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is important. If anything, it’s also the law. But do helmets actually cause accidents?

The Dangers of Driving at Night

Dec 11, 2014

Driving at night can be dangerous. It’s important you take certain precautions to avoid getting yourself involved in a car accident.

3 Car Accidents Leave 3 Dead

Dec 01, 2014

Three car accidents over the Thanksgiving weekend have left three people dead. 3 Car Accidents According to a Phoenix police spokesman, a trio of car wrecks in northern Phoenix occurred during the time between Sunday morning through Sunday night.

2 Killed When Driver Runs Red Light

Nov 26, 2014

Two people are dead after one driver ran a red light, causing a car accident. Driver Ran Red Light According to police, one car sped through a red light at McQueen and Elliot roads in Gilbert, killing the drivers in both cars.

Ending Distracted Driving: A Mom’s Tale

Nov 24, 2014

Just the day after Thanksgiving in 2007, Kimberly Schlau lost her two oldest daughters in a car accident involving distracted driving - police trooper lost control of his car and crossed a median, slamming into the car Jessica and Kelli Schlau were in.

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