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The Loop 101 Eastbound was shut down as a result of two serious crashes, one involving a motorcycle, and one involving a Phoenix police officer in a car.

According to police five vehicles were involved in two accidents near the Loop 101 and 7th street exit.

Accident Involving Detective’s Vehicle Rear-ended by Truck

According to the report, a Phoenix detective was rear-ended by a pick-up truck as the detective was in the process of pulling over a car to the right lane, the pick-up truck then sideswiped the car the detective was pulling over.

Accident Involving Motorcycle Collision

At around the same time, a silver SUV was slowing down in the carpool lane when it was hit by a motorcycle. The impact of the collision caused the driver of the motorcycle to be thrown from the bike. According to police, there was a 30 to 40 mile per hour difference between the motorcycle and the slowing SUV.

Condition of Victims

The detective involved in the first accident is in stable condition, but the motorcyclist is in critical condition.

According to police, they are treating the scene as if it were a homicide. Raul Garcia with the Arizona Department of Public Safety say this is common practice when there is a serious accident. They would like to remind all drivers to slow down when they see an emergency vehicle and be careful on the roads.

Traveling at a higher speed reduces the possibility of the driver to respond quickly when necessary because people need time to process information, decide whether or not to react, and then finally execute a reaction. When traveling at a high speed the time it takes for these reactions to happen is shorter. This is why it’s so important to not only obey posted speeds, but also to slow down as you approach the scene of an accident. There will most likely be emergency personnel out on the road trying to help any injured people.

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Source:, Serious accidents on Loop 101 shut down freeway, March 31, 2014

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