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A 3-year-old boy is dead after the stroller he was in was hit by a Pontiac sedan. At the time of the car collision the toddler’s baby sitter was pushing him through a parking lot near 75th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard.

Steven Tarango witnessed the crash. The young witness recounted, “She stopped to put the stroller down off the curb, and this red maroon car came and hit the stroller.”

The police report alleges the driver stopped at a stop sign, and then proceeded to drive northbound, hitting the stroller.

Toddler’s Baby Sitter was Knocked Down by Car**


Tarango went on to describe the baby sitter was “knocked to the ground…The baby was on the floor too, and I got out of the car to go see and all I saw was just blood.”

Tarango’s mom called 911. Both he and his mom set up a barrier around the scene. “She just told me to put all these carts around so no cars can pass by,” he said.

Father Watched Toddler Being Hit

Police report the toddler’s father was actually in the area when he heard the commotion – the father had gone to the baby sitter’s house to pick up his child and when told the baby sitter was at Walmart with his child he drove over to the shopping center to look for them.

Sadly, he had arrived at the shopping center just in time to see his child on the ground.

He pretty much saw what happened," said Rene Galaz, a family friend who was on the scene.

The Family is Numb after Toddler’s Death

“The whole family is sad about what happened," said Cesar Garza, the baby sitter’s brother-in-law.

 He said his sister-in-law is “always very cautious,” and he doesn’t understand “how this could have happened.”

“There’s a lot of numbness with the family right now,” Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump said in a statement made shortly after the accident.

The Driver of the Car was Questioned and Released

The investigation is still ongoing, but police say the 22-year-old driver of the Pontiac sedan is cooperative. He was questioned and later released. Witnesses told officers they believed the driver was on his cellphone, but not texting.

Marijuana was found in the driver’s car but at this time police are not saying if impairment was a factor.

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Source:, Toddler struck, killed by car while in stroller, March 24, 2014

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