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The Importance of Educating Yourself

The best way to protect yourself from being involved in a tragic accident involving a pedestrian and your car is to educate you and your family on various safety precautions.

Here’s a list of tips you should follow as a driver:

  1. Try to keep your windshield and glasses clean. Wear sunglasses to further avoid glare.

  2. Remember that every corner has crosswalk even, if they are unmarked.

  3. Pedestrians always have the right of way in crosswalks.

  4. Always look for pedestrians that might step out from between parked cars.

  5. When you see a quick motion, even if it’s just from the corner of your eye, look to see what has moved.

  6. Practice extra caution when entering or exiting a driveway. Oftentimes pedestrians are hard to see. And since they’re on the sidewalk, they might be less alert, and therefore not as aware of cars, than when crossing streets.

  7. Try to clear all blind spots, ensuring there is no one around. Do not assume no one is there.

  8. Sometimes checking your mirrors is not enough. Use side windows to look around you and practice extra precaution before backing up.

  9. Always look around your vehicle.

  10. Take extra care around school buses and ice cream trucks. Pedestrians attentions can be diverted when exiting a bus or buying a treat.

  11. People who cross outside of crosswalks are jaywalkers and they are in the wrong, but that doesn’t make them targets. Stay alert and watch out for anyone crossing outside of the crosswalk.

  12. Educate yourself and your family about pedestrian and driving safety. Make sure you are all using the safest routes and know how to watch out for any potential accidents.

Awareness is the Key

Accidents can happen when both pedestrians and drivers are inattentive or careless. But both sides can take steps to make everyone safer. Drivers should practice extra special alertness when in areas where pedestrians are more likely to be encountered.

It’s estimated that 99 percent of pedestrian accidents could be eliminated if people practiced a little extra caution at crosswalks.

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