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“Move Over” Arizona Traffic Law

Being stuck on the side of a busy highway can be not only scary but a potentially dangerous experience for both the motorists and the roadside assistance workers who come to their aid. Each day AAA assists more than 1,200 stranded Arizona drivers.

Creation of “Move Over” Arizona Traffic Law

In response to this situation, AAA and other agencies worked collectively to expand the state’s “Move Over” law. This law requires that all drivers move over one lane in order to create a safe margin of space when passing by any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road.

Prior to “Move Over” Law

In 2008, and prior to the ‘Move Over’ law being adopted, an Arizona tow truck driver and a motorist he was assisting were killed after a heavy-equipment truck crashed into them. Additionally, in 2006, two tow truck drivers lost their lives while they were providing roadside assistance. But drivers who neglect to move over is not a rare thing – there are near-misses experienced on roadways every day.

Heed the “Move Over” Law

The law requires drivers to move over for any vehicle that is displaying flashing lights alongside a freeway or highway, regardless of if the vehicle is that of stranded motorists or emergency roadside personnel. Yet many motorists don’t heed this rule. Because of this negligence, thousands of stranded motorists and roadside personnel are being put in harm’s way.

Please remember the law for the safety and security of everyone on the road. When approaching a stationary vehicle that is displaying flashing or warning lights you must perform a lane change to a non-adjacent lane from the stationary vehicle if safe to do so. This is the law when traveling on a four-lane highway with at least two lanes proceeding in the same direction as the stationary vehicle. And if changing lanes is impossible or unsafe, reduce vehicle speed and proceed with caution. And maintain a safe speed for road conditions.

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Source: ADOT, “Move Over” law protects motorists, roadside personnel, March 26, 2013

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