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**Create a journal for your personal injury case


If you are involved in an accident that causes personal injury it is important to keep a journal, either in an ordinary notebook or calendar, showing just how your injuries have affected your life. Continue doing this on a daily or weekly basis until you are no longer experiencing symptoms. Below are some considerations to take into account as you make your journal entries:

**Effect on Your Life of Your Personal Injury


Explain in detail how the accident or occurrence has changed your life. How it has impacted your ability to work as well as the impact on your daily life? Some considerations are the way you put on your clothes, the way you get in and out of bed, the way you take a bath.  It’s important to note other things such as your mood, your personality, etc. You should include details of what things you are able to do and what things you are not able to do in comparison to before the accident occurred.

**Pain and Suffering of Personal Injury


Include descriptions of your pain, both at the time of the accident’s occurrence and any time after. It’s important to note the type of pain, i.e., shooting pain, throbbing pain, etc. If it’s helpful you can use a number scale - 1 out of 10, with 10 representing the worst level of pain, and 1 representing very mild to no pain.

**Remembering All Pain Points and Medication of Your Personal Injury


If you’re having problems remembering all the various areas of pain you are experiencing, a good rule to follow is to start at your head, moving down through all parts of your body. For example, head, neck, shoulders, arms. Explain any problems that you have with each part of the body. You should also provide details of your medication and the reason for each medication. For example, medications to help calm nervousness, etc.

Prior Injuries, Ailments, or Condition

Describe how this accident has aggravated any pre-existing conditions, if applicable.

Creating an organized and detailed journal of your injuries will help your legal team build a stronger and more impactful case.

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