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Last October, 51-year-old Hallie Dubey was killed in a construction accident near Benson Highway and Alvernon Way, in Tucson. According to officials, Dubey was working with Eagle Rock Construction crew on private property and was hit by construction equipment. She was pronounced dead at the scene. According to Tucson police, initial reports indicate that the incident appears

You’ve seen ads on TV, posters on the sides of buses or bus stops, and maybe have even received ads in the mail for personal injury attorneys. But what exactly is a personal injury case? And how can a personal injury attorney help? Personal Injury Attorney A personal injury attorney handles any number of things

A 51-year-old woman was killed in an industrial equipment accident on Tucson’s south side Thursday afternoon, according to authorities. Woman Killed in Industrial Equipment Accident The victim was working for a construction company when she was injured and killed. The investigation into the accident is still ongoing. The Dangers of Construction Work Construction work is

One family is left to mourn the loss of their loved one after an explosion went off at a hospital in Gatesville, Texas. According to a witness, the explosion might have been the result of an electrical generator that blew up and “scattered stuff all over the place.” One Killed in Hospital Explosion 44-year-old Michael

Family and friends of Wayne Self want him to be remembered as more than just the “missing construction worker.” Self, 52, was killed in a construction accident while crews were working on the Sky Train guideway system at Sky Harbor International Airport. His friends and family want him to be remembered as “a hell of

We don’t hear about construction accidents all that often, but they still happen frequently, and those involved need to know what kind of legal compensation they might be entitled to if they are injured in one. The Dangers of Construction Work Construction work is a dangerous business, regardless of if it’s a small project for

Almost 1.4 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year and most of them do not know how to file a TBI lawsuit to protect themselves after those TBIs.  Knowing how wide-spread these types of injuries are, even more frightening is that some people do not show signs of a TBI until weeks or

Two weekends out of the year, a reservoir deep in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest hosts a hosted “Day on the Lake” for people with physical and neurological disabilities. It was created by a man who was left in a wheelchair following a construction accident in the 80’s. “Day on the Lake” Created by Victim of Construction Accident “Day

A steelworker was killed in a recent industrial accident in Gilbert. Matthew Ellsworth, 34, was working at S & H Steel when a steel beam fell on him, according to a Gilbert police spokesman. According to Sgt. Darrell Krueger, Ellsworth was pronounced dead at the hospital. Police are still investigating the accident. The Dangers of Construction Work