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Allstate Insurance Company is bringing awareness to distraction-free driving to more than 20 American cities – including Phoenix on May 2 - with its national “Reality Rides℠ " tour. Allstate Reality Rides features a driving simulator that demonstrates, firsthand, the dangers that come with distracted driving. The program will visit various community events, high school assemblies, and venues in an effort to reach a wide range of drivers.

Raising Awareness About Distracted Driving

“The Allstate Reality Rides tour is an innovative, engaging approach to raising awareness about the importance of distraction-free driving,” said Sanjay Gupta, executive vice president of marketing, innovation and corporate relations at Allstate Insurance Company. “We’ll be going to communities across the country to gain awareness about the dangers of cell phone use and texting behind the wheel. Advocating for driver safety is an important part of Allstate’s legacy and this outreach effort will build on our commitment to keeping our kids and all drivers safer on the roads.”

Allstate Reality Rides Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

The driving simulator utilizes a real - but stationary - vehicle that has been equipped with virtual reality technology. This technology includes a headset that displays an animated environment and reacts to the driver’s motions. The driver is then tasked with using the car’s steering wheel, gas and brake pedals while also attempting to text and talk on the phone. The simulations are meant to demonstrate the potential consequences of distracted driving. Additionally, participants are given traffic “tickets,” revealing potential infractions a driver could receive on the real road. Participants can also choose to take the Allstate X the TXT™ pledge, promising they will not text and drive.

Allstate Advocates

Allstate continues to advocate for the prevention of distracted driving. Research has shown drivers who text and drive are 23 times more likely to crash. It has also been shown that texting while driving is equivalent to driving impaired after drinking four beers.

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Source: Allstate, Allstate “Reality Rides℠” Tour Merges Virtual Technology and Driving to Combat Distractions on the Road, April 15, 2014

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